Tally ERP9 Module
Agent Commission Report
Agent Wise Payable Report
Agent Wise Receivable Report
Agent Wise Reports (Sales and Purchase )
AgentB Wise Commission Report (Age Wise )
Alteration History (Masters)
Alteration History (Transactions)
Auto Email 
Bank Reconciliation Details in Ledger 
Batch Wise Std Selling Rates
Batch Wise Summary
Bills Approval Process (Multi Level Proces)
Billwise Details in Voucher Entry Level 
Broker Wise Commission
Budget Reports
Calender for Room Booking for Hotel & Lodges
Calender for Schedule 
Cash reconcialiation Details In Cash ledger 
CEO Dash Board
Cheque Deposit Status Report 
Cheque Issue Register
Control on Delete and Cancelation of vouchers 
Cost Category Wise Balance Sheet
Cost Category Wise Profit and Loss
Cost Category Wise Trial Balance 
Cost Centre Security
Cost Centre Wise Balance Sheet
Cost centre Wise Profit & Loss 
Cost Centre Wise Receipt and Payments 
Cost centre Wise Receipts and Payments Branch Wise
Cost Centre Wise Trial Balance Sheet
Credit Control Management 
Customer / Supplier label printing
Daily Collection Report -Bank and Cash (Consolidated , Counter /User Wise )
Daily Receipts and Payments Report 
Data Lock
Day Book Extract
Deleted Voucher list for Admin 
Deletion and Cancel Control
Deletion of Unwanted Stock Items (Having no op. Bal or Transaction)
Duplicate Order Control 
Duplicate Order Control 
Dynamic grouping 
Godown Security
Grid Lines
Group  Bill Outstanding 
Group Company Outstanding 
Image in Ledger with Signature
Image Stk Image
Item Master Import With Op Bal and BOM 
Item Wise batch Report 
Item Wise Supplier Rate Position 
Ledger /  Group Security

Ledger Deletion Module ( Ledgers having no Transaction or
Opening Balance Will be displayed for singleclick deletion )

Loading Slip - With selection of from Bill no>to Bill No.
Items Consolidated from the sales voucher 
Loading Summery
Log In History
Mobile IMI Tracking 
Mobile IMI Tracking 
Multi Company Easy Bank Reconcilation
Opening Balance Import
Opening Balance Import
Party Wise Item Sales with Qty and Value 
Payment Control for Creditors 
POS Customer Report 
Price List Import From Excel 
Print Time & Date
Purchase History 
Purchase Process Control Management 
Purchase Vs Reports ( PO>GRN>PURCHASE >PAYMENT
Sales Position (Sales Orders Received , Despatched ,
Pending with Qty and Value for a selected Period )
Sales Process Control Management 
SALES VS REPORTS (SO>DC>Invoice>Receipt 
Salesman Wise Collection Report
Salesman Wise Customers 
Salesman Wise OUtStanding Report 
Salesman Wise Sales Orders
Salesman Wise Sales Orders Pending 
Salesman Wise Sales projection Report (Monthly & Annually )
Salesman Wise Sales Report (Daily and Consolidated for a Period )
Scheme Management 
Serial No Tracking 
Single Lable print
Single Ledger in multiple companies report
Standard Narration Templates
Stock Group wise invoice printing
Stock group Wise Pricelist 
Stock group Wise Sales ( Dev for intel Distributors)
Stock Image in Masters
Stock Value restrictions for users
Sub-Cost Centre Wise Balance Sheet
Sub-Cost Centre Wise P&L
Sub-Cost Centre Wise Receipts and Payments 
Supplier Wise Items in Voucher Entries
System Date
TDL Config Disable (Even if the user links in ini file ,
Until Admin refreshes Tally it will not get effected )
Terms & Conditions
User level Password
Value Display removal 
Vehicle Booking Report for 2 & 4 wheeler Showrooms
Voucher Alteration History
Voucher Authorisation (2 Types of Modules Available A)
On Approval only it effects Tally B) It Effects Tally on saving by user..
Still it is availbale for Admin or Designated user to Check and Validate )
Voucher Time & date
Voucher Type Security